Your favorite groups (not 1D haha)?

ohhhhhhh god theres so many i’m just going to write the first ones that pops into my head so it’s definitely not all of them:

maroon 5, coldplay, the 1975, two door cinema club, kodaline, bright eyes, 5sos, m83 and neon jungle just bc i needed some girl power here

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larry or elounor?


i’m mean i don’t really care about what’s going on between louis and eleanor???? and i ship larry but not as a couple like they’re my brotp u know??? they’re my faves and their friendship is really great so yea larry is my brotp and i don’t know about elounor smh (although i think she’s absolutely adorable!!!)

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would you ship lily with one of the other boys?

tbh i’d dig lily with zayn as well

and i’d kill to see louis and lily hanging out (as bffs lmao) since louis is my fave too and idk they’d look adorable i think


the blog is actually going to hit 1000 followers very soon

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Yesterday me and one of my friends were talking about Hily and how would they be such a good couple. We're both Directioners and we know how the fans react to the boys exes or current girlfriends. We don't want any hate to Lily from fandom, nor to Harry from Lilyians. But I mean what do you think about this hate thing? And lastly I love you Kelsey .x

i know what you two are talking about. and (not just talking about hily) if you’re a fan of the boys and you love them, i really think you should support them and respect their choices and not being bitchy and hateful about it bc people are causing dramas all the time anyway

i really don’t understand the point of going crazy over bc after all we are all fans of the boys, not their moms.

and about the lily thing, if hily was actually real at some point (amen) i think the fact that lily is really bad in social media (lmao) is going to be bonus in this kind of situation bc she’d be less exposed to any kind of mean comments

love you toooooooooooooo

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aww man and aww it's oki :) but if you wanna do it I don't mind

i’ll try to!!!


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yooooo guys follow my hily instagram ‘omghily’ for more manips!!!

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